Thursday, November 21, 2013

This has to be a joke!!

So, like good Ryan Homes clients, we have done as instructed, sit and wait. We got a call from NVR Debbie yesterday asking about an issue with a dispute that I placed on something about a year back, since then I have paid it off, bla bla bla. Followed by "your loan went to underwriting today." "Underwriting you say, what exactly does that mean?" I'm a nurse, the human body I got, but this stuff, not so much- I literally need people to baby step it for me.... She lets me know that we should have conditional approval in 2 days to a week. SAY WHAT? Super excited. Shoot SR Chris an email to say hey, loan is in underwriting.

Fast forward to today. SR Chris sends an email back saying "actually I think your loan is approved." Panic, joy, fear and more joy with a reply of SAY WHAT? While at the exact same time Hubby is getting a call from NVR Chris and Debbie of official approval. He is begging them not to call me, that I will be home from work soon and he wants to surprise with a cute celebratory dinner. Poor Hubby, he's trying to surprise me when I'm forwarding him SR Chris' email telling HIM what he wants to tell ME. We had an awesome dinner and have entered into the world of "how can you pour a concrete foundation in the winter" convo.

I'm just blown away by everything. It's been exactly 3 weeks since we met originally with NVR and only 2 weeks since NVR told us to sit and wait for 28 or so days. Only ONE correspondence in between for a few more documents! I'm just blown away with the progress and customer service.  Have I mentioned I'm blown away?

So I thought I had all of this time to figure out what the next steps are! WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS?!!! Wouldn't the BEST Christmas present be to have concrete with the dirt? Is this realistic, insane or do I just really not have a clue? Well, I guess this is a test to see if SR Chris actually reads my blog, because if he does, he knows I'm calling him tomorrow! Haha!

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