Thursday, July 17, 2014

AC- or not!

This past weekend we had a nice get together with kids and adults running in and out of the house while it was hot, lots of doors left open. So that evening we noticed our AC wasn't quite right. Monday we went down and there was a decent size puddle around it, so we shut it off and called the people in the binder. They came out the next day and said the coils were just frozen, all thawed out and should run ok. Well not so much, so they came back out and low and behold..... They put a recalled unit in the house. It was recalled for a valve. So they came back out the very next day again and replaced it. Seems to be working fine now, but I'm gonna run this baby on artic all summer long to make sure there are no further issues! The good thing, the numbers in the RH binder have all came through. This is the second time we had to use them and had people here to fix in less than 24 hours.

We have a full lawn with just a few patches here and there, nothing major though. Would it look like that if we didn't reseed? Doubt it! After the second time we mowed we stopped watering daily, and the rain has come in nice intervals that we don't water much anymore. Still more baby grass coming in every week, so I expect it to look fuller and fuller as the summer goes on.

Got our first settlement crack, if you can call it that. It's right around the corner beading. Lots of nail pops in the hallway going up the stairs, bit just a few here and there besides those. The wall across from the toilet in the powder room is jacked. I don't know if it's from settlement or was like that when we moved in, but it's wavy.

We have been clearing out portions in the back wooded area, not completely but getting all the invasive vine out. We want to make this a nice little nature area, put some bushes in that attract butterflies, a nice pond/fountain and a fire pit. Slowly but surely it's coming along. We have lots of birds coming to the feeders including a beautiful hummingbird! We want to plant a nice tree back there on our one year house anniversary and watch it grow over the years! Our next big outdoor project will be a fence! We just applied to a local rescue for a precious 4 year old black lab
that would fit in perfect with our family! Fingers crossed, we should hear back within a month.

We haven't done much more decorating wise with the house, just really enjoying it, but will get back to it soon. It's so hard without the walls painted! But I'm starting to get ideas even sans paint. I want to get the interior doors painted and the garage floor painted this year.

So I know, a post isn't much fun without pics, so will get some soon and get them up! Figured I would just rattle off a little with the AC post :)