Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NVR help!

So I stated a little while ago about NVR was telling me I need WAY more at closing. The papers I signed say we need X amount- it's not much because we rolled in closing costs. Then my loan processor states I need a decent amount more but when I spoke to my loan officer, he says no, wrong, I will get you updated numbers. My updated numbers still aren't here- apparently due to an addendum they are waiting on from RH. Last week I get another email followed with a replica letter that came on Monday stating I need to liquidate funds, again! So Nick spoke to out loan officer yesterday and he says ignore, still waiting on RH so I can redo numbers. Literally an hour later my loan processor sent an email saying I need to come up with XX- now even MORE than the inflated amount before! Call sales rep, loan officer and processor. Sales rep off but responds to email (his hands are really not in this pot as he's not NVR per say- but Chris gets us answers), processor says she needs to talk to LO- which then she calls back and says still numbers aren't right and to wait for new ones and LO never calls back but emails at 830 last night stating my closing costs are lower, about 4k lower, than what the processor is telling me and still waiting to updat the numbers. This 4k lower is still double the amount! My take on this is two fold- NVR isn't communicating with each other or they playing bait and switch. We were very clear up front the amount of money we could bring to the table and if that didn't work, then no house. Since we signed the agreement- I only added on an additional 5k in upgrades- how does that increase closing by 4k when that goes into the loan amount? I guess there isn't a whole lot I can do until I get the redone paperwork and see exactly the amount, but I am not pleased. That's an understatement!! Did anyone else have this happen- given an estimate for closing then told WAY more??

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Construction update

Nick spoke to our PM to get an update on the house.... Last week the only progress included the footers were inspected and passed. It wasn't really the issue of the snow but more the ridiculous temperatures. So Monday they will place the forms and pour the walls that day or next. Weather is looking at highs in the teens Tuesday through Thursday, so hopes are high they get it poured Monday! If not, not a big deal. As anxious as we are to see some progress, I prefer right versus rushed. Also on the agenda for this week is to trench in the utilities and pass inspection.

Sent documents to NVR and our loan officer is still waiting on one addendum from RH before he can send the updated numbers. Both Chris'- loan officer and sales rep had our backs for the ongoing numbers discrepancy. Info also sent to hour insurance agent at Allstate and hope to get a nice quote next week to seal the deal with that.

PM said he will touch base on Wed to see if anything was actually able to take place. Again, mother natures fault, not RH.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home Owners Insurance and NVR

Ok, we are first time home buyers so this topic is new to us. Late bloomers, we know :) I was asked to provide documentation of contact info and a policy within 30 days before closing. What on earth can I provide NVR without an actual policy? A quote? We have all of our other insurance through Allstate and I must say, any claim we have ever made was covered quickly and with ease, so we were going to start with them. Any suggestions? From what I have read, I can get decent insurance for $600/year approximately. But again, this is not my forte! I have not even started this process at all and I'm guessing I should have! No one told, but then again, I never asked. Clearly on my to do list now.

We also just spent the last several hours digging through documents to send to NVR- I knew this was too easy initially! However a little scared on one of the items asked for because it seems too closely related to the NVR freak out last week. Plus the email referenced our April 1st closing date, which we are NO where close to meeting due to starting late and this current polar vortex. I've been waiting to quote the weather channel! Haha!

Any suggestions re: home owners insurance very welcomed!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend update

We drove out yesterday and not much to update. They put drainage rocks around the footers and blankets for warmth. A few were blown off but the concrete looked nice and solid. No new pics and boy they don't do justice at this point anyways! It's odd, it looks so massive but at the same time the perimeter of the house looks so small too! Next up, forms and concrete! But honestly, I'm not going to get my hopes up, there is some cold weather coming this week with highs barely in the mid 20's. So many bloggers found such great scores at cheaper places like IKEA, so we are going to go do a little window shopping and day dreaming! Until the next visit, hopefully worthy of pics!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's dig some dirt!

We have broken ground officially as of Tuesday (yesterday). We got the call Monday that the permits were finally approved and the fun will begin! So Hubs and a buddy drove out Tuesday to find a beautifully excavated lot and PM sent us a photo today of..... FOOTERS! Already, man they do work fast!

Had a 2 hour NVR freak out moment today. Got info that our closing cost will be 5 times more than originally planned. Yes, that was a 5! Our LO called back within the hour and "number rearranging" is the best way I can put it. All in all, it was resolved in 2 hours. But I have to admit, I seriously almost had a heart attack. And of course as the emails went out for help, who called back on his day off? The bestest sales rep ever, that's who! The closing cost did go up some, but reasonable and due to the add ons as the process went on. THAT I can live with! I was promised updated documents with closing costs by next week, but I'm not gonna sleep right until I see them.

So, here are some pics of two days worth of work! I really appreciate our PM, we live an hour away so we can't see daily progress. Big kudos to you Rich for texting the pic to Hubby!

This first one is looking from the front right side of the lot to the back left on day 1.....

And this view is from the back left to the front right on day 2..... How gorgeous is that cement? Who knew?!

We will head out this weekend to see any additional progress. There was a truck with forms around the corner as Hubs left....ooooooh, maybe it was for us! The pics makes me so happy and I have a feeling I might lose it when I see it in person this weekend, very exciting!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

SO close!!

We had our pre-construction meeting last week and we really like our PM Rich, he was extremely thorough and detailed. Chris insisted we were in good hands and I'm sold now! There were no surprises and he laid it all out for us. The bad news, still waiting on permits from the township, so we will not start til the week of the 13th. But according to the weather forecast this week, this would have happened anyways. So crossing our fingers the weather is a little better here on out. Once the roof is on, it will be more predictable, but til then! He did warn us we may not get the yard seeded, exterior painting and the driveway poured before we close, but from reading all the great blogs out there, I was expecting that. So I will anxiously wait to hear our official break ground date. The yard was suppose to be getting the black fence last week, but since the house is an hour away, we didn't go back to see if it happened. Oh, and we might be getting some more of the brush cleared in the back, all the lots around us are built, so they could potentially need the space to work....which could make our two year project a one year project! Fingers crossed. So technically, just waiting......but in calm fashion :)