Saturday, January 4, 2014

SO close!!

We had our pre-construction meeting last week and we really like our PM Rich, he was extremely thorough and detailed. Chris insisted we were in good hands and I'm sold now! There were no surprises and he laid it all out for us. The bad news, still waiting on permits from the township, so we will not start til the week of the 13th. But according to the weather forecast this week, this would have happened anyways. So crossing our fingers the weather is a little better here on out. Once the roof is on, it will be more predictable, but til then! He did warn us we may not get the yard seeded, exterior painting and the driveway poured before we close, but from reading all the great blogs out there, I was expecting that. So I will anxiously wait to hear our official break ground date. The yard was suppose to be getting the black fence last week, but since the house is an hour away, we didn't go back to see if it happened. Oh, and we might be getting some more of the brush cleared in the back, all the lots around us are built, so they could potentially need the space to work....which could make our two year project a one year project! Fingers crossed. So technically, just waiting......but in calm fashion :)

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