Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Like I could resist some change!

Ok, it was necessary change, not a matter of being irresistible! Hubby initially planned on doing our own gas line for the dryer, we already paid for the upgrade for the gas range and hot water heater. But it kind of dawned on him that he would have to do this the second we moved in, which isn't realistic! And, like the day after we weren't allowed to make changes, I read a blog that insisted on shelves in the owners shower. So we called Chris and begged for both yesterday. He warned us that he would do his best but RH is pretty strict with no changes once the 21 days hits.......drum roll....... We have more gas and shelves! Yay! I have no doubt that Chris went to bat for us!

Our pre-construction meeting is set for the 30th and can't wait to get some official dates and such.

Went out to the model to show the kids this weekend, they were very excited! We were hoping the house would have started by Christmas and were going to show them everything that day. But Hubs thought best they see the dirt WITH the model home, smart man! The little one was having the hardest time understanding that the furniture wasn't coming with the house, it was cute. The unfinished basement is now officially a skating rink and a disco ball has been requested! And there was no blood shed over room selection, shocked to say the least!

But I have to say, as we showed them the different selections, I am doubting myself with ALL of them! I'm sure it will be beautiful, but oy vey, the stress of waiting! Who knew?! A friend was over last night and made a comment on how dark the kitchen will be if we put hardwood in, which is the plan, so slight panic attack over that now!!

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