Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not much to say.....

Just a quick update.... We asked Chris not to try and push up our build date. We had to make the decision about our lease, so we extended until mid April. With the timeline we have, it should be perfect- I was told our estimated delivery date is April 1st. As much as I would like to go ASAP- we also have to be responsible and not have two dwellings at once if we can help it! And can I just say that by Thursday I was all kinds of a mess, stressing if we would get the OK this week to move up, it's just not worth the extra stress either!!

We requested to get the pre construction meeting on the books- with the holidays and work, December is looking a tad busy. Chris emailed back on his Turkey Day break and asked for some dates. What a great sales rep!!

Until the pre construction meeting.....

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