Sunday, November 10, 2013

Guardian update and a kudos....

Debbie from Guardian already called back to let us know that we will be receiving more paperwork tomorrow via email that will include the info we thought was missing, plus we will see the discount for the installation fee as promised. My first reaction was- I wish she would have told us, then my Hubby followed up with- I'm sure she did and we forgot. The latter of the two is seriously most probable, there is just so much info to digest and a whirlwind of paperwork, we are just going to forget stuff. Period. As of today, we feel like we can make a phone call to ANYONE we are dealing with and get a prompt and truthful response. That's a good feeling.

It's easy to post the bad and forget about the good, so I just want to send a shout out...

We LOVE  our sales rep Chris, he's awesome. No, scratch that, he's super awesome. No, scratch that, he's super duper awesome! I just adore him and trust me, I don't adore too many people. I'm bummed he was moved to another location- I was looking forward to popping in and saying hi when we drive out to visit our home as it's being built.

NVR Chris was great too- to this date I have not ONE complaint with NVR. Yes, it took alot of work to make sure we were ready on our end, but what else to expect when millions of people lost their homes recently! It was a mortgage crisis- a CRISIS people!!! I never expected to hand over a paystub and get approved like the good ol days.

And last but not least is Guardian Debbie. We really really like her too! Our personalities clicked and she managed to balance the experience. There was a lot of stuff we didn't want and we brushed over it, but there were things we didn't think we wanted and she had some mind link to provide enough info for us to say "dude, I can't believe we thought we didn't want this!" She's very personable without being pushy, I like that!

We are setting the expectation to be bumps in the road and to expect stress- this is realistic. So far, so good.

OK, now we really sit back and wait!

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