Friday, November 22, 2013

It gets better?!

Spoke with SR Chris today and he said our loan was approved so crazy fast! He is going to request to have all our dates pushed up. Right now we are set to begin building at the end of December, but to move up would be amazing! He has to submit a request, so technically, back to waiting. For those of you in the mortgage stage- he said it was us being so prepared that made this so fast. Even though he's paid to "make his customers happy" I really do believe his kudos to our being ready.

I find it funny how I feel as we progress through the different phases. Each thing we signed, person we met or color we picked; I said to Hubby "ok! now this feels real!" But NOW it feels real- how much more real can this get?! I have a feeling, it's gonna get more real!

Now, off to window shop furniture! Squeal!!!

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  1. Wow, must be nice.....fancy house and all...while us poor old fart peons are living in squalor and eating dog food.....hehehe.....very nice...congratulations!!