Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our pile o' dirt

We chose the Florence model in our development- we thought about the Sienna for ooooh about two seconds! NVR called today, without prompting, just to check in, let us know everything is being processed and to sit back and relax for the next 28 days or so. He's funny- me relax. Hubby asked if he wanted to come and live with me during this "relaxing" period, haha! I'll try my best but make no promises. Also talked to sales rep Chris today- had a few questions about timeline and such, as always, he delivered. We have the delightful situation of our lease coming up just before delivery, so trying to see what I can squeak by. This is really like a part time job, but everyone has been ridiculously great so far....

Without further adieu, our dirt!!!!!

Poor Chris- I wasn't leaving without claiming it.......

And he even let me put the sticker on the board for all to see, what a good sales rep!!!

This is a shot of the model, just to give you an idea- however we will have a real driveway, although running over stuff every day when I get home could be fun!

Stay tuned, will post with all our upgrades, colors, Guardian selections, etc. after we meet with everyone on Saturday!

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