Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Here we go......

After reading so many blogs on our journey to deciding whether to go with a Ryan home, the Hubby convinced me that we should do a blog of our own. So, here we go! We are far enough in for this to feel like it's really happening! It started several months ago when we stopped by a townhome community- loved it but needed to think. About a month later on a free weekend day, swung by again to find a new sales rep. Long story short, we ended up about 2 miles down the road at a single home community. I have to say, Chris our sales rep, was really the thing that gave us the confidence we needed. He's awesome- he's no BS and handled me freaking out at times like a pro. My Hubby isn't much for new construction- so our initial stop months ago was because I begged, but when we walked into the model Florence with Chris, that was it baby!! So this is what fate feels like?!

Our eyes were set on a lot but this awesome incentive popped up on another lot- less yard and more woods with a morning room and deck for pennies more! Sooooo, I have less to mow and more gorgeous house, sign me up! On Oct 24th we signed away our life with the contract. We took a handful of trips out between finding the community and signing the contingency, and Chris was just great each time.

On October 31st we met with NVR. I had read enough and Chris told us the paperwork was brutal- so we went beyond prepared...... Copies pre emailed, hard copies and then a jump drive also- anyway he wanted it we had it! A week has gone by and so far- not a peep from NVR for anything else. Chris, ok this is now finance Chris- all the Chris's in our life now need a nickname including myself- was great too. We are applying for a FHA 5/1 arm and he answered every question and then some. Hubby has emailed him once and he replied back right away. So far so good there! One thing I read was to keep hard copies and electronic copies of everything for this process so that's what we are doing.

We meet this weekend with guardian and Chris to make a few changes, so a list of upgrades and what pics we can get to follow.....

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