Saturday, April 5, 2014

Packing... And gratitude!

We knew it was coming... packing. I think we were in denial! It hit home last night that we have 2 weeks and we need to get on this! This is oh so not fun, but it is time!

Hubby spoke to the PM yesterday and got a quick update... Kitchen is done, well except the microwave still needs to be installed. The deck is completed and all the flooring is in. Monday they will pour the driveway, then they dry wall guys come back and painters to follow. Wednesday is slotted for inspections. I'm dying to go out, I really am! But at this point, an hour commute each way isn't very realistic. So I'm sticking to the plan of the big reveal, for now :)

I debated sharing a short story... this is however the internet for all to see. But I learned in my short years that it's so easy to complain about the bad and the ugly, but inspiration and hope is just as important. Hey, you never know who is reading or who might be sitting next to you that your story can help change theirs for the better. So, long story as short as possible.... Rewind a few years to 2011 and we were getting married. It was a great, no stress day, we did simple. My husband was starting to have some bizarre symptoms and shortly after we got married, the doctors started a battery of testing and he couldn't work any longer. He officially retired quite young and the hunt to find the answers was on! So many doctors, so many tests, so many scary moments... the Lou Gherig's testing period was the scariest! After several very bad diagnoses and a plethora of doctors, I went on the hunt for a specialist. And I found him. Dr. K changed our lives. He properly diagnosed my hubby and gave him some quality of life back. He still has bad days, but those good days, man are they good and we cherish them. When my husband had to stop working, we were renting a house with the plans to buy it. So out of that house we go and into yet another apartment. We had to quickly accept the fact that we wouldn't never get the dream of owning a home. Doctors are expensive and even with health insurance, it's not cheap! We stumbled into the RH community by looking at places to rent to try to call a home. That's when it became so clear that we can do this, there are programs like FHA loans that we CAN do! This home is so much more than a home to us, it is hope. It gives us a comfort we never thought we would have and the amount of gratitude we both have, well there are no words. No one can plan for what life hands you. We thought we had one path and we were definitely handed another, and that is OK! There will always be hope and gratitude oozing from every inch of our new home and I will never forget how fortunate we are to have this home and the amazing people in our lives!

OK, I know, a little deep for a RH building blog, but it's such a huge part of our story, it couldn't be left out. So today the sun is shining and the skies are clear, we will put on some good tunes and pack. Pack with smiles and remember just how lucky we are to BE packing!


  1. Wow, it really is important to remember the simplest things in life are the finest. How blessed your husband is to have the support of his wife. I can see where owning your home means so much more to you after going through those struggles together, and after apartment after apartment you will finally have a place to call home when you did not think that was on the horizon. We are packing today as well. We close April 25th! Nothing is fun about packing, but you are so right to look forward to the blessings ahead.

  2. What a blessing! Angela said it best! Cherish these times (including the packing) as these will always be memories you will have forever. Congratulations again!

  3. Thanks to you both for such great comments! We all have beautiful homes just waiting for us to move in! Life is good :)

  4. There is always sunshine after rain. In this case your sunshine is a Florence! I love your story & honesty! I know you'll will love your new home & fill it with wonderful memories. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats! Thanks for sharing. God bless your family.