Sunday, March 30, 2014

And pics!

OK, so clearly I didn't get them up the next day... we went thrift store rummaging and found some good deals but we finally got a chance to sit down and get some pics uploaded. We have prepped our apartment for packing and did the dreaded cleaning of the closet, 7 trash bags, not too shabby! So here are a bunch of pics, some are from this past Wednesday and some from the weekend right before that. The ones where you can see electrical outlets, cable/CAT5 and such are the newer of them. Oh and the HVAC was installed, she is purring like a kitten! My husband proposed that we don't go back out again until the final walk through. I wasn't liking this too much but I might have changed my mind.... He spoke to our PM on Friday to get the low down of this upcoming week which is flooring, side walks, drive way and the deck! Then the finishers come in after that. He mentioned to our PM some of the dry wall imperfections and the PM pretty much was like "don't worry about that stuff, I got you." He insisted that he will go through the house with a fine tooth comb and make sure that stuff is taken care of. I have mentioned before, he is quite the type A personality and I know he's got our back. So I'm leaning towards awaiting a "big reveal" but not completely set on it yet :) So here are some pics, she is looking so gorgeous!

Kitchen from about a week ago
 Owners bath!! Some of the grout on the tiles doesn't look so hot....
Owners double vanity, love!!
Spindles and balusters, sigh, they are so pretty!
Family room
Kitchen again with a nice coat of paint!
From the corner of the loft
Owners closet, yay!! I can't wait to get a real closet system in there, on the to do list....
Spare bath, it looks great! And looky there, we have the lights on!!
Standing in loft looking down the hallway.... vents in, lights, speakers, smoke detectors etc
Most recent of the kitchen! Recessed lighting in and all the electrical outlets
It's official- we are on the map :)
 Side yard graded- it's actually huge! We may not have to clear as much of the back as initially thought because of all this space for a future doggie to play!
All painted with numbers and carriage light in
Most recent of back, still more space than we originally thought, very happy!
Panorama of the upstairs before they painted and put in electrical etc.
Morning room, love!
Spindles and balusters again.... is anyone getting the idea that we love these? haha!

Sorry for the no particular order, I'm not all the computer savvy and missed updating pics twice. But there you have her! She is coming right along and we are SO excited. Hubby just printed out a blank calender for April and we made it a count down calender.

On the NVR note, I just sent the last pay stub and signed what I was told would be a final "soft pull" document.... but then I get an email from Credit Karma and of course, it was a hard pull. It's not the end of the world, but it's annoying and they did tell me it would only be a soft pull, not a hard. I'm debating calling about this or just being happy and grateful we are so close to moving into our new house.

Thanks all and enjoy the pics!


  1. Looks awesome!!! I agree it would probably be more dramatic to wait until your walk-thru to go back, but I don't know if I'd have the self control to do that! I can't wait to see the finished photos!

  2. Congratulations Chrissie! It looks beautiful and so spacious! I love how they do the white squared tiled look in the bathrooms now. It gives it a little bit of style :)

  3. I would love a closet system too! The countdown is on!

  4. Thanks everyone, it is SO exciting! I did it, I made the decision and we aren't gonna go back until the walk thru. It has me biting my nails now, but I know I will be happy with the final reveal excitement. Being an hour away with so much to do, we just may not have the time!

  5. Looking great! I am living through you guys

  6. Chrissie, Looking awesome girlfriend. Im loving it, and YES I am a fan of the spindles of course :)

    Now you KNOW I am pro-active and you couldnt keep me away from the house during the build!!!

    Our sidewalk had to be ripped out and done 3X, a PM isnt going to nit pick that stuff and cost himself money no matter how Type A he is :) They forgot our transom window above our door, vent for our microwave, wrong granite in our fireplace, there is just so much that is over looked. I respect your decision and understand the "big reveal" decision. I'm just that TYPE A personality that NEEDS to do it myself...LOL..but if you can relax and know its all taken care of then that's awesome :)

    But bummer for us bloggers, we wont get updates :(

    1. I have been waiting for you to post! I said to my husband after I clicked publish "DW is not going to like this" hahahahaha! He's all, who is DW? And I'm all, um duh, she's my blogging friend! Haha! Totally hear ya, there will be stuff. The sinker for me was that the majority of our upgrades are done, we went cheap :) but now that I say that, do you think I will walk in and find hot pink countertops? LOL! I am gonna ask for the PM to send a pic or two and will post those.

    2. You may find pink countertops, you never know! LOL :) Of course you have to do what works for you and what makes this experience the BEST and if that means waiting (cough cough, hiss hiss) then thats what YOU do ya know :)

  7. Ooh, I'm not sure I'd be able to live with that decision! Are you sure that's your final answer?