Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre-drywall walk through

Slightly delayed post, we had our pre-drywall walk through on Wed and all went very well. Our PM took us through the house room by room, explained the electrical layout and confirmed some of our extras. Then followed Guardian to mark out the whole house audio and the cable/CAT5 jack placements. Permitting weather, we should have drywall by the end of this week, yay! AND, best of all, we were given our estimated completion date of........ April 14th! Not necessarily closing, but completion. This is great news, so great, that we went out and bought our new washer and dryer this weekend. Sears had a GREAT deal on Kenmore appliances so we splurged and bought the Kenmore Elite series with a 4.7 cubic foot washer with so many options I'm gonna have to rethink how to do laundry! And the matching dryer which was 7.3 cubic feet with steam! I never thought I would be so excited to do laundry!!! Here's a few pics, in no particular order...
Family room with the half bath and front room off to the right... Our PM is going to put extra wood up to mount the flat screen
Mudroom/entry from garage/laundry with the kitchen on the right
One of the two other bedrooms upstairs...
and the other, with the loft to the back. Those are hard to photograph!
 Master bath! And the tub we have is SO much nicer than what was in the model, I couldn't resist!
On one of our door frames to the master- the other has some more mushy gushy stuff on it too. We put a few notes throughout the house for good juju.

We are going to head back out this week to check out the guardian placement before they start to drywall. The basement concrete was poured, but the garage still needs it.... I swear, I am and have been obsessed with concrete since this process has began.... it just doesn't want to come together. I will breath a bit easier when the garage is poured. Our PM also stated he would clear as much of the trees in our lot in the back as he can. All coming along nicely, very happy with PM!


  1. You're getting so close! Love that you wrote on your framing. I'll have to do that in our basement before we finish it.

  2. This is awesome! I can't believe that April 14th will be your completion close to ours. It seems like our home will never be ready :( Something to consider...maybe have your PM put another small piece of wood in place to support your hoses/pipes and brace them down. That way (especially in a 2-story home) you won't here as much pipe knocking. In our rental now, we hear every every time the water flows through the pipes and when the pressure increases. It is looking good!!

  3. Thanks Colette and SLP! Getting excited! And what once felt like this is going to take forever, it's literally around the corner!