Sunday, March 16, 2014

So much progress!

We got up and headed out to the house yesterday morning... and we did it, we went inside (thanks DW,  you were right :) Let me try to rattle off what was done since the last visit- electrical ran, Guardian ran, water and sewer trenched in and back filled, electrical, gas and cable trenched in, siding 80% completed, drywall hung (not taped and sanded yet) and the garage floor was poured. Yay! So much completed, it looks like a real house now. And my love/hate relationship with concrete is over, you will not be missed!

We only found 2 things we weren't thrilled with. The blue prints for the house were laying outside in the mud. We gathered them together and gave them to the sales rep. I don't know how many of these they have lying around, but it is supposed to rain/snow here on Sunday night and if they were ruined, well it could have slowed them down. The sales rep (not our original but the new guy at the development) made the comment that these would have been expensive to order new ones. And the rough in for the morning room... the box is nice and small how we asked for it but the rough in is not centered into the box at all. We sat and stared at it and went back and forth- we can live with this, no we can't, yes we can, no we can't.... So Nick sent the PM a quick email to ask to have that centered. Other than that, gorgeous, we love it and just amazed at the progress. Here are some pics, in no particular order, the computer is not agreeing with me today!

Standing in the family room looking out towards the morning and kitchen on the left
An attempt of a panoramic view of the family room into the kitchen
Kitchen with the recessed lights and house audio speaker
Graphite grey siding! Just a little more to go up top and she is done!
 Family room from kitchen
From morning room- the door way is the mudroom
Another attempt of a panoramic view, please ignore my scowl, I really am happy!
From upstairs looking down, can't wait for spindles and balusters!
Standing outside of the Owner's suite looking down the hallway
Part of Owner's bath
Bedroom one
Bedroom 2
Outside again, looks great!
Owner's suite- sorry- I totally photo bombed this one :)
Owner's walk in! I mean MY walk in!

So we know this week consists of mudding and taping the drywall, cabinets to be delivered on Wednesday, finish the utility trenches and hopefully the correction of the morning room rough in. I'm sure much more though too. He said the finishing people will be there within 2 weeks! So flooring and such will go in before this. It really is flying by- I hope we can make it out this week to see it again.

We took a walk at Sadsbury preserve, nice little area with some easy trails then went out a little more west to Middle Creek National Wildlife area. If anyone is local, in the PA, NJ, MD, DE region and enjoy a little nature, this is worth the trip! Snow geese are migrating back north and there are about a half million of them sitting on a lake, along with thousands of trumpeter swans. It really was a cool experience, only a short walk down a paved path to get to it. Here is a pic, it doesn't do any justice really, it's all about the experience!


  1. YEAH you went IN!! See you just HAVE to!! Super happy you did! See little things like the morning room rough in you would miss it :) Keep those eyes wide open for bowed out walls and bowed out baseboards and moulding. Try to get them to make those walls as straight as possible, really look at them from all angles. I would say take a level, but oh boy you might FREAK OUT if you do that, so just look for obvious stuff, which may not be apparent till some of the mouldings go up which make it super easy to see then, but harder to fix (or the illusion of fixed). Make sure those windows open and close nicely and look at your siding from all angles too for any waves or discoloration. Also pay attention to where the outlets and switches are! Is that switch right smack dap in the middle of the wall where you might hang decor?
    You look super happy, made me smile BIG and think how fun the process really is when it's all said and done and you look back on all those pics :) And the trails, I am super jealous, we are in a small plan the road that connects us is super narrow and not at all walkable. Enjoy your area..

    1. So happy you can see the smiles through some of the bad photos I didn't realize my husband was taking haha! You have been such a great help-*cyber hug*!!!!

  2. I agree with everything DW said...CHECK EVERYTHING!!! It is coming together very beautifully. I am excited to follow along. The wildlife area behind you is gorgeous.

  3. I can't believe how fast it is coming together for you. I also agree with DW. He had a good point about double checking everything for bows. I'm excited just seeing your pics. Makes me look forward to mine even more now. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! We plan to head back out tomorrow hopefully! I'm taking a level!! But super excited to see the cabinets. Also, if anyone is looking for a washer and dryer- the set we just purchased went on sale even cheaper at Sears. Kenmore Elite series, great reviews and we saved over 1K with this sale, go check it out!

  5. I really enjoy your blog. My husband and I are currently building a Milan in Maryland (by the way, thanks for the tip on visiting the Middle Creek National Wildlife area.) I love nature and it's sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Our home is also a wooded home-site. We are currently scheduled for closing on September 25th. We started our process in April. It's been very exciting and when I looked at your blog it reminded me of my own. I started blogging after "stalking" all of the RH blogs that I could find. We are near the end of our process and I'm still stalking. Hahaha. It's always helpful to see others experiences and advice. Congratulations on your new home.