Sunday, March 2, 2014

We have a roof!!

So we took a trip out this weekend to check out progress.....And we have a lock on the door!! Now as far as we have ever ventured in is to the garage, my husband won't let me go further. I find this hysterical! We were both rebel, non rule following teenagers/20 something's and now look at us, all grown up! So true to word, we didn't go in, even though I could have sneaked in underneath the wrapping around the garage- even tried to bribe him to let me go in the window hahaha! Our PM texted some pics last week when they finished the roof and some of the inside, so I'll share those. We strolled through the model home also to make sure we were on the same page for our Guardian meeting this week. Good thing we did, we changed two walls for cable/CAT6 wiring. And the sales rep currently there gave us the electrical plan, woo hoo! That was a score, nice to see where those will be. And met a family who bought a lot down the road and due to move in sometime in July, they seemed cool too, another good score!
Look at her, all roofed and waiting for some garage and basement concrete
Owner's Bath
View from corner of the loft upstairs
From family room, looking at kitchen on left and morning room on right
Family room into the half bath and front sitting room
Owner's Suite, woooo hooooo!
View from out Owner's Suite out to the back.

So, no concrete was poured and the plan on Friday was for Tuesday, but I also think that was before the arctic air planned to move in, there is a high of 20 forecasted for Tuesday. The pre-drywall walk through is still on for Wednesday, with Guardian to follow. So all in all, looks like an exciting week in store for us. I did look in the windows and saw HVAC duct work hanging in the first floor, so they made some progress there as well..... Until the pre-drywall walk through, lots of pics to follow.


  1. This is all very exciting, Chrissie!!

    Chris B.

  2. Sweet. I'm happy thing are moving so fast for you guys.

  3. Why wont you go in? You need to see what's going on in there!! Who's going to yell at you? My advice is go in! Trust me! Sooo many things get COVERED up!