Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hi all!

I have been SO busy!!! I'm a future home owner rookie and it's literally every day we are running around to do something! But this is good busy, I'm not complaining :) So we just went out today and also this past Sunday. I will get some pics to the computer tomorrow to share, but just wanted to throw up a rattle off of what's going on....our final walk through is Monday the 14th and we close on Thursday the 17th! Movers on the 18th along with Comcast. They have the cabinets in and they look AMAZING, exterior is painted and graded, bathroom tiled, first coat of interior paint, electric and Guardian completed, spindles and balusters installed, light fixtures in including recessed lighting, HVAC installed, front porch poured and the linoleum was started.... I'm sure I'm missing a ton! We bought blinds for all the windows and plan on taking them over and installing the day we move, plus curtains and rods for the family room and morning room. Plus a few adorable new lamps. I like that the final walk through is a few days before closing so any touch ups we might see will have plenty of time to be fixed. I know I need to get some hoses, sprinklers and mailbox, but what else? I feel like there is 8,000 things but my mind is full- it has shut down for business! So any little things that anyone can suggest that we should get to make the first few days comfy, please do! It feels like there is so much left for them to do, but then again, we saw a house that had footers poured about a week and a half ago and now it's standing tall and proud with roof, windows and all. Pics will come tomorrow!

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  1. So exciting... you are so close!!! I can't wait to see pictures! A few things we did before we moved all of our stuff were seal the tile and granite and put shelf lining paper in all of our cabinets/drawers. Good luck!