Monday, April 28, 2014

Few pics..... and a chainsaw!

Hi everyone!

As promised, some pics. The ones of the house are actually from the day after moving. The house should really start to come together the next few weeks and will continue to get some pics up. I think I'm gonna steal the idea of "top 20" things I love to keep me blogging and motivated to keep chugging along so that thing I love will also be pic worthy....2 birds, 1 stone!

We noticed a HUGE settlement crack in the garage yesterday, it looks terrifying! Got a call into the PM.

They came back out today and worked on the yard, no seed yet but ran another machine over it and raked, looks much better! But not as good as grass, trying.... to.... be.... patient.... They also cleared all the debris we pulled out of the wooded area, there was/is still so much dead stuff in there. Still alot to do but it already looks better. We now have up 3 or 4 bird feeders and several suit blocks- it's literally a little sanctuary in our back yard, so peaceful.

I'm terrified to put a hole in anything, anyone else have this problem? We have so much stuff to hang and I bought these GORGEOUS cabinet/drawer pulls, but the thought of it makes my cringe. I'll get over it, just takes one, right?

Totally stole from other blog's the idea of photos of the hands turning the key for the first time, it was so worth it, I love it!
The night we closed, my husband told me I was gonna learn to use some tools, and boy have I! See, why were the blinds easy to me but hanging a picture seems so scary?!
Kitchen love!
We are going to call this morning room part one. I have curtains and rods to hang plus a couple cans of black polyurethane to re-do the table, stay tuned!
Fam room! LOVE the look of burlap curtains, not loving the fibers that keep falling off of them!
 If you need a washer and dryer, run out and buy these NOW! They are amazing!
See, lots of power tools this past week! I think my husband felt a mix of fear and pride :)

Next up pic- the loft! Getting some furniture delivered this week and will hopefully be pic worthy by the weekend. See, already working, it will just have to be so I can start my top 20!

If anyone can pass any words of wisdom of making those first holes, especially in the cabinets, I'm all ears!


  1. GLAD to see you are enjoying. That is the whole point isnt it? LOL..Enjoy! Ok so the cabinets. They made a template ya know for drilling knobs on cabinets? Did you know? You can buy at any home improvement and its a sturdy plastic template you use on every cabinet, it has many many holes in it and you pick the one that fits for you and you use that same hole everytime. Its a life changer....also.. #1 RULE: Make sure you are on the OPENING side of the cabinet! Hubby got away from himself just one time and drilled the wrong end.LOL. Not a big deal, your PM can give you touch up paint from Timberlake that matches your cabinets and it fills in very nicely. GO FOR IT, make some holes! That is what putty and paint is for on the walls anywayz! OR......If its not super heavy I use those 3M hooks that uses glue thingies (yup its the name) OR have hubby hold it up........look at it........then nail it......! Its only drywall, its fixable, you cant have bear walls. And its totally fixable cause the paint is fresh and very fixable, plus I had made a boo boo once on the wall and on the 30 day they fixed it for me :) Again just SMILE real BIG when you my hubby says "the power of a woman!" Cant wait to watch all your progress, we are still in the basement, but lately re did the mulch outside and more planting, but no one wants to see pics of NEW mulch. Keep us updated.

    1. Oh DW, as usual, you are so right :) we have lived in so many apartments and condos that I can do a mean spackle to cover stuff up!! Ok, we are gonna do it, I'm making a commitment to myself to do the pulls and hang some stuff by the end of the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration and confidence!!!

    2. Great advice DW! Looking forward to some basement progress pics!

  2. What size blinds did you have to buy? I wanna go price some out at Lowes.

    1. They were all 35" except the extra window we upgraded in the owners bedroom was 31. Literally perfect standard sizes.

  3. Nice pics! And I love your washer and dryer combo. They look so futuristic :)

  4. Congrats! It looks awesome. Do you know about how much each blind costs? Where did you find them? I need a fridge too! I have to wait to measure the opening for it though.

  5. What brand/model washer-dryer did you get? We are shopping now. They look like they are awesome.