Monday, April 14, 2014

Final Walk Through

We had our final walk through today and it took about 3 hours. I was a mess this morning, I was all fidgety and anxious. I guess I was expecting to walk in and a gorilla pop out of a closet or something! But it was the exact opposite. I know I've given shout outs before to our PM, but I need to send a shout out on steroids! He said don't worry about the small stuff, he's got it- well he is no liar! It was immaculate! Just gorgeous. I saw my husband looking at everything hard core and all we found was one nail sticking out of the spindles and balusters base plate to correct. My husband isn't easy to impress and he's quite the Mr. Fix It, so he knew things to look for. He told our PM more than once how amazed he was. Walls, perfect. Kitchen, perfect. Every room, perfect. It's kind of funny, our PM didn't like the word perfect, he doesn't think that is realistic, and I applaud him for that actually. He did an amazing job of explaining everything from the get go about what to expect along the way. I know we will find stuff, it's the name of the game, but I can't say enough how overly impressed I am by our completed house. But I will stop talking, because what speaks the most is the pics! Even though it has my husband's trademark stamp, I actually took all of these- so apologies for lighting and such, he's much better at that sort of thing!

I LOVE the kitchen. The combo of colors turned out wonderful! I love how in different light the cabinets can look lighter or richer- we have calico cabinets!
Kitchen from morning room
From morning room looking into Fam room and the doorway is the mud room
Morning room *sigh* so pretty!
Looking into Fam room from the kitchen
Spindles and balusters!
Mud room- hard to photograph!
Front entry
Front room
Spindles and balusters! We initially asked for cherry, then asked for walnut with cherry and we got the PERFECT combo of cherry walnut. Again *sigh*
From the corner of the loft
Looking down the hallway
Bedroom 1/Tiny's room
Bedroom 2/Scoot's room (how "like totally horrified" would my teenage step daughter be if she knew I called her Scoot on the internet for all to see, hehehehe!
Spare/kid's bath. Photo bombed- but hey, the house knows up front we are a rock and roll type o' family (note to Pink Floyd t-shirt)
Spare/kid's tub
Owner's closet- this pic does zero justice!
Owner's bath
Owner's bath
Looking down the hall from the Owner's suite
Deck, LOVE! It's bigger than I thought too!
From deck 
View from deck. Ok, so it's not so pretty now, but when it greens up *sigh* this was so important for us coming from the city, I can't wait to see song birds at the feeders and chipmunks down below!

So that's it! Now we continue to finish packing, we are almost done. Closing is Thursday at 1pm and we will head out to seal the grout and hang up some blinds. Get this- we are now to get a refund at closing!! Then the movers and Comcast come on Friday- so as long as no one judges me for the mess and the mass amount of decorating we have in the upcoming years to do :), I will get some more pics up with furniture. I know how much that makes a difference for the space, colors, etc. We are so excited, I want to vomit on most waking hours, haha!


  1. Looks beautiful! I do love the stain on your stairs. Our walk-through is next week :) Happy moving!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't especting to love the stain this much! Good luck on your walk thru!

  2. I just realized our kitchen will look similar to yours  We selected maple cognac cabinets as well as the Labrador granite. Nice to see how it will look!

    1. You will be delighted over the combo! I am soooo happy with our kitchen!

  3. Your house is beautiful! I'm so excited because I think we have the same floor in the kitchen and morning room. We also chose Initiator vinyl flooring with the plan of replacing it with engineered hardwood floors later on (in the near future hopefully). I was having nightmares about vinyl flooring, but looking at your kitchen floors, it's not bad at all! I can live with that :) Congrats again! Looking forward to more pictures post-closing.

    1. Thank you! You will be shockingly pleased with the vinyl floors. I wanted it gone ASAP- but one of the first things I said to my husband was "wow, I can actually live with this until the carpet needs replaced"

  4. It looks awesome! Good luck with closing tomorrow and congratulations! I hope you continue to blog after you move in!!

  5. It came out beautiful! I hope you love it! Congrats!!!