Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hey everyone! We didn't disappear, but man oh man is this exhausting. It's not like I haven't moved before, but when now its YOURS, what a different mindset you have! I typically like Home Depot/Lowe's, but if I see the inside of another one in the next 24 hours, I may lose it!

Closing went well. For the homes in Chester County, they contract an outside service to close. It's funny, the NVR office was right down the road from the apartment, but instead we drove out by the house for them to pay someone else to do it, whatever! But I'm so happy they did. This lady sat down and explained so much to us that I'm not sure NVR would have done. I guess I don't know that for sure, but yes, I feel confident assuming on this one haha! One of the things to check on is the current tax assessment of the neighbors- so when we get ours we can find out if we should appeal or not, and yes, she told us how to do this! She also gave us recommendations of who and when to refinance once our 5 year rate lock expires. She was awesome! Closing was painless, maybe 1.5 hours and that's it. Off to the house to hang blinds and take the Keurig. I NEED to know where that is at all times to function! So I had a candle and lit it. We make it ALL the way back to Philly and realize we don't remember if we blew it out. I'm not joking. So back in the car we go, and the new house is 50 miles from Philly, to find a perfectly blown out candle! With Hubby being a fireman for 15 years, all the pleading and begging I could have done for "oh, it's fine, we blew it out" he would have never fell for it! So back to the apartment we go, to arrive at midnight and be up at 630 the next day for movers. Not complaining, we said we would look back and laugh at this, I'm not there yet, but I'm sure we will :) Once closing was over and I stopped freaking out (like I was HARD CORE freaking out, poor hubby), you couldn't wipe the shit grin off either our faces!

Friday, moving day! Movers arrive right on time and we had an estimated 11 hour day. With driving and all, they banged it out in 7 hours, I love them! And money back in my pocket! Not a scratch on a wall and everything in its place. They were so amazing and they remembered us from before. So one of the movers started talking about when his sons were struck by a car several years ago, he brought up this random detail of the event that triggered something in my hub's mind and he's like "was it at X and X intersection in front of X church?" Come to find out, my hub's was the medic for his son and help saved his life, he was banged up pretty bad. This man got to shake my husbands hand and thanked him over and over. It was SO moving and touching- it's just not something that happens in such a large city with such a big system. So off the movers go and UPS pulls up. Off UPS goes and Comcast pulls up. Like clockwork people! Finally around 6pm we are STARVING. Oh crap, where do we eat? There is a whole lotta nothing out here! There is a shopping center about 5 miles down the road that has a Chili's. Our first reaction, ugh. We don't do chain restaurants. Living in Philly, we had that option, living out in BFE, not so much. So we order and as we are eating, the people at the table next to us get up to leave and the man approaches us and asks if we would be offended if he helped pay for our dinner and gave us a $20. OMG! What generosity! We will pay it forward at the right time. Then to Home Depot where this guy literally escorts us around the store to find everything we need, I mean the entire time, he was so nice. He asked hub's why he limps and comes to find out, he use to work with physical therapist's and gave Hub's a bunch of exercises to do! Then to top it off, he lives down the road from us and gave us his number- anytime we need some help with the house, give him a call! I don't know about any of you, but I have NEVER experience people so nice, NEVER ever! I needed a sign that moving 50 miles out of the city was the right thing, and um, I think this day was a great sign. My husband and I were speechless on the way home that night. The kindness from other people. We put the $20 on our fridge to remind us that just by being nice, what a difference you can make in someones day. I can be a big ol B sometimes!!

So far the yard people have come out and ran some machine over to smooth it out, it does look much better. But from when they initially cleared the lots and this machine- there was SO much dead fall at the edge of the lot. I spent one evening dragging it all out and good news, PM says the yard guys will take it! They are suppose to be out today with another machine and to hand rake, but I doubt they will since it rained last night.

Something was wrong with the microwave- it made a HORRIBLE sound and didn't heat the food. Called PM and he said call GE and he will be out later. GE guy showed up in an hour as well as PM. All fixed and purrs like a kitten, wasn't mounted right or something....

Started a punch list with a few minor things we have found. But still, nothing major. A few of the corners in the kitchen look crappy and the basement slider doesn't really slide.

We have a few more things being delivered next week, so I hope by next weekend I can get the house squared away to show some pics. I do have 3 pics from last Saturday on my phone- I will get hubs to put em on the computer so I can share. The kitchen was settled and the total minimum of the fam room and morning room. I needed some function to the place and quick! Hubs father and step mother are moving out of the country in a few weeks, so we unpacked ALL our boxes yesterday to give to them for their move. Crap is EVERYWHERE!


  1. Congrats again Chrissie!! I am dreading moving and packing myself in a couple months bujt it will sooo worth it. :)

  2. Congrats! My wife and I are in the early stages of building a Florence in Jersey. We've been reading a ton of Ryan blogs, and came across yours. I can't believe they were able to complete construction through the winter we had.

    Ours will be a reverse plan also, we love this model.