Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grass seed and 4 inches of rain

Hi everyone!

So, the landscapers were out on Monday and Tuesday to finish up the yard. We, along with half the country are getting rain, and lots of it. It started yesterday and by Thursday we will get FOUR inches!! From scouring the internet, a little rain after seeding, awesome. Four inches after seeding, not awesome. Plus the hay/straw they put down MAYBE covers half the yard anyways. So my question is, anyone else with a similar experience? We were already planning on putting a little more seed down ourselves along with starter fertilizer this weekend, but I feel as if the whole darn yard needs to be redone! What seed didn't wash away won't have a fighting chance since too much water stunts the germination process, from what I understand. Am I being ignorant to the process or smart to call the PM and request some more work? Don't worry, if I'm being ignorant, please tell me, I will not at all be offended!!

On a bright note, the basement is dry as a bone through this so far! This is happy news!

The garage door opener is getting installed today. We practically STOLE a Chamberlain chain drive with On Q compatibility from Home Depot. You can sign up to get daily deals emailed to you and they actually have some great ones. We also saved a ton on LED bulbs through this too.

There is just so much to do and think of once you move in! I already feel like the building process was the easy part! Going into a previously occupied home, it already had the little things I take for granted completed. Not complaining, it's fun to do and nice to be able to do it how we want it. But girlfriend was naive! I guess I figured butterflies would appear and a unicorn would stroll through the neighborhood making it all perfect. Ok ok ok, I am being a bit dramatic, but you get the point :)


  1. Oh and the yard dilemma begins!! Welcome to the CLUB. Most of us struggle with our lawns or lack there of. YUP lots of rain will wash away alot of the grass. BUT also that was RYE grass they put down, its crap, will grow fast then turn to weeds, read up on it. Get yourself some PENN STATE MIX and get it out there during this season to give it a fighting chance. TRUST ME ON THIS. And overseed............often.

    Absolutely ASK for more grass, but ask for a mix not that RYE crap they through down. You should ask, dont feel silly :)

    Also a trick around here is also put some Peat Moss down over top of the seed will really help also. Now I realize your cant do that to your entire yard, but in big problem spots.

    I myself have also thought, OH boy a NEW house, what was a thinking?? In the beginning, I totally get it. Building was the easy part, and you didnt even know it :)

    1. Will take your advice when it's time for us (my husband actually) to tackle the lawn. Thanks!

    2. A club, oooooh how did I just know there would be a frickin club for this?! Hahaha!! Thanks for all of the advice, I'm going to start spreading some seed this weekend. You have seriously made my Holiday card list starting this year, your advice is amazing!

  2. Good to know about the grass seed. Thanks for answering DW. Will be asking for mix when it's my turn.

  3. We had a landscaper put in our patio, and he said a lot of the weeds we have in our yard come from the straw that Ryan puts down over the seed! I don't know how true that is but, if it is true, we're all already fighting a losing battle with weeds before we ever get started!