Saturday, September 6, 2014

When water is bad!

So I was overly thrilled today to see some rain- we put crabgrass killer down a few week ago and apparently we had more weeds than grass! Our lawn looked horrible so we thatched and seeded this past week. So wouldn't anyone's first response to rain be a huge Woooo Hooooo?!?!

Well, then we sat down to eat dinner.....queue the dramatic music.....we have bubbles of water throughout the entire archway from the kitchen to the morning room. Immediately up to the attic and that is dry, so must be coming from the morning room. Call and left a message at RH 877 number and will call on Monday. Oh how scared I am! Hubby actually opened a few of the paint bubbles to let the water run out and there was a lot more than you would think could come out!

And here I thought I was starting to run out of things to blog about, silly girl. Will keep updating.... But for all of you who haven't closed or sent in your survey....WAIT!! Don't do it right away!

Oh, and the floor people never called to set up an appointment. We will tackle that on Monday as well.


  1. OMG!!!! Please keep us updated. I have been worried about potential problems with my morning room as well. Ugh!!!! Sounds like a major PITA. I hope Ryan has a proper fix and not a patch for you.

  2. What?!? Oh man! Please let us know what the outcome is. I told my husband that we aren't doing that survey until the last possible day.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh no! This is terrible. I will check back to see the response!

  4. Ahh! That's awful! Never a dull moment! Hopefully it's resolved quickly. Because of your blog we decided not to fill out our survey until the last possible second! Definitely some great advice!

  5. That's bad !! I got my survey last week, but I'm waiting until the last second to fill it out. I'm still waiting on a glass pane door I was promised fro my basement before I send it in. So far we haven't had any water issues, but then again, we don't have a morning room. I wonder if that is a common problem in the Florence. Hope it gets fixed ASAP for you.