Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hi all!

Just want to send a quick update to the service calls....

No real rain to see if the leak is fixed.... We are forecasted 2 inches tonight and tomorrow, so that should be a good test. To be continued.

Toilet debacle. They came and agreed something ain't right. Said they needed to order a part and will be back. He said it sounded like it was gasping for air. Still no follow up if and when the part will be installed. Hubby contacted RH today for follow up.

Floor guy came out and fixed up our linoleum slash, looks good. The bubble was not a bubble, it's the seam! He said there isn't much you can do about it in new homes with shifting and settling- it just takes a few years to settle and seams will show. Looked it up and he is right! I mentioned I kinda regret not getting tile or hardwood from the get go and he was like noooooo, that was smart! Settling is horrid on tile and hardwood and the up charge is insane. He gave us a card of a local place to call when we want to upgrade for pennies if we don't want to do it ourselves. He recommended giving the home a few years to fully settle too for areas we don't want carpet. He was awesome, very nice and gave us tons of tips for flooring and new homes.

So far, everything is getting fixed or in process. It takes forever! I think I'm realistic that I get stuff needs tweeked and will even break. What I'm shocked at is how long it takes! And that no one but us is actually going to follow through to make sure the fix is done once we call. It is what it is, but man!

Our fence is postponed a bit. The township wanted more info before they would approve the stairs off the deck. They have til Friday to approve or nay, so we will see. The company we hired wants to do it all together, so we were to start tomorrow but now on hold. I'm cool with that, fence isn't all that useful if the pups can't really get to it!

We have two more pieces of furniture to be delivered next week then will get some pics up. Plan to get up the fall/Halloween decorations purchased this far too. I love fall, it's just the best decorations and smells!

Question to all.... I follow one blog that has amazing adds to the house to deryanize it. I can't add columns and such like they did, I'm not that handy or have true wood working tools. What are some things you have done or want to do to give your house that "yours" and not RH feel? I know things take money and we could just pay people, but I really want to do some things myself, so I can say, hey, that's OURS, we DID that! I just think that would be so cool! Internet can give the how to but I just lack the creativity of what to do! Would love any ideas!


  1. I saw the column dude! That was pretty great...

    With that said we didn't add any extra trim. My husband does awesome woodworking so he will be doing that. My first "want" is lighting changes. We aren't fans of builder lighting. So we are going to switch out the dining room, hall, mud room, and kitchen pendants. I also want to ditch that powder room mirror too. Other than that I know we will be doing much more as we go.

    Good luck with the rain... It was brutal here for about two weeks. I hope you don't have any more leaks. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  2. We switched out all the lights and all the hardware from brushed nickel to ORB. Makes a huge difference. We also just finished tearing out and replacing everything in the powder room -- lights, towel bar/toilet paper holder, even the vinyl flooring -- and painted, installed ceramic tile, a new toilet, mirror, hardware, faucet, a decorative shelf, and framed artwork. It looks NOTHING like the bland powder room that was there before. It actually looks high end. Since we're not that handy, we started small. Since that worked out, though, we're going to take on the full-sized bathrooms next. We did the painting and kitchen backsplash and minor decorative trim ourselves, but we'll have to hire out the hardwood floors and crown molding to the professionals. Now it's hard for me to imagine how I lived with the "Ryan look" for 2 years!

  3. Chrissie, good luck with the rain, we're getting the same system over here in Jersey.

    One of the first things we're doing is cabinet and drawer pulls. We requested that they leave them off the cabinets when they're installed, so we can add our own. I know my wife has a list for me somewhere, but that was the one thing I could remember.

  4. I agree with the comments above... I think trim, paint, window treatments and hardware (cabinets, faucets, etc) have the most impact in "de-ryanizing" a home.

  5. Thanks everyone! The ORB was an option I really wanted but we scrapped it at the last minute- never occurred to me to do it after, duh! And the nipple lights, hated from day one, I will doing those soon too, thanks! Cabinet pulls and different mirrors in the bathrooms do make such a difference- pulls are on but haven't done the mirrors, they are in their respective corners of the house waiting, ha! Paint, the darn paint- I think once I can paint this will ease my twitchiness about this topic! Also want to paint the interior doors black. I'm obsessed with trim, Bridget, does your husband want to visit the suburbs of Philly :)

  6. I am also waiting for a "real good rain" to see if teh house has any leaks. Still havent seen any leaks yet with the little rains we have gotten. I think we will wait to paint til the house settles a bit. I still havent seen too many nail pops or cracks yet. I actually kinda like the initial "cool platinum" paint. It's livavable for teh next 10 months lol