Saturday, October 11, 2014

I heart my kitchen and morning room!

Hi blogger friends!

As promised, I have some updates with pics this time! We have some friends coming over today to see the house for the the first time, so we did a shakedown last night and got the place looking like normal people live here :) Right now I have some pics of the kitchen, morning room and powder room. The dog and husband are currently camped on the family room couch and have zero intention of moving, so more to come!

The fence and stairs from the deck are also completed, I am so in love. It is a dreary, rainy day here, so pics to come on that too. It looks freakin amazing! As you go through these developments, all of the houses look the same. So I am pleased to say with how we set up our fence, you get to our house and go, hmmmm, that house looks different! Love that! Add a few more flower beds next year and we should stand out. I know it will never look completely different than others in the development, that's impossible, but I just want my touch. I'm a tad competitive, obvious much? haha!

As far as the fixes posted earlier.... we have now had multiple series of rain and no further leaking in the morning room/kitchen. I'm so grateful! Leaks seem to be ongoing once you get them and so far it is fixed. Will be calling next week to get the drywall replaced and painted- I'm sure this will be a fight as they didn't seem keen on replacing the drywall. I've got my boxing gloves in place if needed! The spare bathroom, they put a piece on and it is a bit better, but not fixed. They just came out this week so I wanted to give it a few days. It now only makes a little sucking sound. But I didn't flush at all yesterday and this morning there was ZERO water in the bowl. I'm sorry, not normal. Will be calling them back as well.

We are now working on the bedroom, kids rooms and the loft. I want to get them settled before winter then give projects a bit of a rest until spring. I'm ready to lounge, cuddle up with blankets and watch movies this winter!

Cassidy the puppy isn't such a puppy anymore! Will have to get some pics of her too, cuz what home is complete without a fur love child?! All potty trained, it was easy actually. There were only a few "oh hell no" moments with that! She has learned sit, stay, down, paw and sit pretty. Working on come and leash training at the moment.

Tell me those bar stools aren't the coolest? Got them from Bassett and totally in love! I think it shows a bit of our personality. I really want to get pendent lighting over the bar area- hubby is devising a plan! Ignore the table next to the fridge- I still haven't found anything to do with that area to put all the crap on when we come in the house.
 Kitchen again, love my owls. It somehow became our thing, but worked out well! On the list, a nice back splash.
 New trestle kitchen table! Handmade by this company I found online. Really great price. Google Carpenter James if you are interested! I wish the rug was a bit bigger- but the next biggest size would have been too wide for the room, so took what I could get. I wanted color without the "kid" look!
 Just another view. Isn't the table dreamy?
And again! Apologies for the plants on the old bar stools. I waited a little too late in the season to find good plant stands to put the plants on, but hey, they work for now!
 The powder room, it is SO hard to photograph, nothing does it justice! It's a really cool spot. And replacing the mirror in here made SUCH a difference!
Another angle
 And another angle....You can see the mirror again
This is going into the powder room. We call it conversion space.... go from our grown up house to the play areas haha! My husband saw these comic book pics and had to have them. Hey- I'm a smart girl, the key to a good marriage is compromise- so he got this area and the powder room :) OK OK, the loft he's getting input in on as well. We are making it "movie themed"- kinda. Pics on that soon too!

Have I mentioned I want to paint? Oh how badly I want to paint. I'm pleased with decorating for now but the "look" won't be completed really until there is paint. I sit and wait patiently..... I have to. We have SO many nail pops, it's insane. Lots of places where the seams and taping are showing as well. I thought I had a crack earlier, but it was just a tape seam, so that's good. We also have alot of areas of REALLY bad corners, I mean bad. Wavy. I can't say for certain it was like this when we closed, maybe it happened with settling of the house, maybe it didn't. We were so damn happy to have a house that, looking back, I don't think we paid as much attention at closing as we thought we did. Finishing work is just total crap, I mean CRAP! I bought the value size blue tape for the 10 month follow up and dry wall repair and I have no doubt we will use it all! I don't have high hopes on the finishing work being done right, because if it wasn't done right the first time, are they gonna pay attention to detail the second go round? I doubt. The baseboards look like a 5 year old did them, for real. I've spent so many days and nights being upset with the finishing work, I just can't anymore. I'll put up a good fight but have made peace with the fact I may have to do it myself.

Opinion! We are going to paint the interior doors black... do you think it is safe to do it now or wait until the 10 month and dry wall repairs?


  1. Everything looks awesome. That table is beautiful. My husband would be so jealous of your powder room!

  2. Everything looks great! Can't wait to see the other pictures!

    I'm so glad you told us to wait on paint! Your comment on my blog was so helpful and made me feel more okay with waiting to paint until after our 10 month check in!

    I really want to paint my interior doors too! I'm going to ask my PM about it. I feel that it would be safe but I'll let you know what our PM says!

    1. Hey! I asked my PM about painting interior doors and he said that's fine! It doesn't void anything. Basically, there is no warranty on the veneer of the doors anyway so there's nothing to void.

  3. This is really nice! It looks awesome!

  4. Looks great guys, and yes the doors are fine. There is nothing to "repair" on a door so feel free to paint away!

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  6. Damn your house looks like shit. No decorating abilities whatsoever. And u aren't supposed to hang pictures at the very top of the wall. They are supposed to be at eye level.