Saturday, August 30, 2014

Service call update

Good morning everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update. A team of three guys came out and they were polite, I was happy about that.

The floor squeak- it was actually the wall. There was a gap in the stud framing to the floor, so the squeak was actually the wall making noise when you walked on the floor. All fixed up with some shims. Acceptable.

The sub floor at the bottom of the steps was sticking up like an inch when they pulled the carpet up! Holy crap! Some nails were lose so they removed them and used screws. All fixed and acceptable. Now here is my question, and clearly I am not an engineer, contractor, ect...... Why do they use nails anymore when they pop?!

The toilet debacle. It was worse by the time they came too. When the tub drains the toilet swooshes, it's freaky! All parties present completely agreed it isn't a clog. Take that 1-800 Ryan Homes girl! Said a plumber will call to schedule. They did the next day and will be here in two weeks. Acceptable, this far.

The linoleum slash and bubble. He said he has great floor guys that can fix it up without ripping it all up and we won't be able to tell. They will call us to set up an appointment. Still not a peep from them, I will give them one week to call and schedule.

We brought up the French drain to the service supervisor too. I don't know why but I'm so ticked off by the answer from the PM and couldn't let it go! He told us that every home drainage system is different depending on the lot. Ok, acceptable. He said that since we cannot see the right side he is confident that it is not meant to be exposed and it goes to the sump pump. I voiced my "frustration" with the PMs answer to us. He started to fly into this ramble of excuses.... I gave a look..... And I have one hell of a don't mess with me look. So I'm not sure if he picked up on it or is just a smart dude, but that conversation quickly changed to.....I'm sorry I'm giving you excuses and that was not an acceptable answer.

So far I'm pleased. Now I have to see if the other stuff gets fixed. I guess I'm a bit skeptical hearing how others are fighting to get stuff that was promised to us fixed properly and in a decent time frame. Stay tuned!

We are going to take advantage of some of these great Labor Day sales, so will get some updated pics up soon!


  1. I am so glad u got the squeek fixed and I would love to see before and after of your floor. Our previous home had lots of squeeks and it made me feel nutty! Hope the rest is fixed soon

  2. It looks like the drains of the toilet and the tub are connected, and it's messing up things. It's not a clog, since the water drained from the tub should not have reached the toilet if there's something blocking the way, right? Anyway, I hope this plumbing problem was fixed soon after. Take care!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing & Draining

  3. I glad some things got done. Our floor happened to be the wall too!
    You are right about people not doing the follow through or just outright lie to you about things.
    Our leaking windows were suposed to come in 2 weeks ago and my appt in on the 9th. so far still no windows have been delivered to Ryan. I am guessing they WONT be either, were they ever freaking ordered????

    I went ape shit yesterday called and emailed everyone I knew then................i thought.................go social media, I went on facebook. they responsded within hours and a division manager is suposed to call me today. OK< lets see how this goes, ive talked to him before about this same shit.
    These fixes are a full time job, I am sure so many can agree.

    1. Hey there DW! I don't know how you aren't in a padded cell by now. I saw your last posts and cannot believe they are trying to claim there isn't water damage! Hang in there girlfriend!