Sunday, August 24, 2014

The floor is squeaking!

Good morning everyone!

If you recall from our 30 day walk through, we noticed where nails from the subfloor weren't shot in correctly. We were told that more nails were placed plus glue. Well, yup, you guessed it, it's now squeaking in that area! Plus, at the end of that same floor board, it's now sticking up. My husband called the RH number and someone will be out this week. He also said he wants the toilet addressed, we just can't fix it so something is definitely not right. We also noticed awhile back that there is a razor gash in the linoleum. We weren't going to mention it until our ten month, but now there is bubbling. So we will be asking to have all of these things Our original plan to wait til the ten month is out the window, I am not OK with feeling the floor board, a bunk toilet or the linoleum. I have a feeling the only way to fix the linoleum properly is to rip it all up since it is one piece. Not thrilled, but I want it fixed properly!

Onto better news, the neighbor had Tru-Green take care of his lawn and they recommended Scott's summer blend fertilizer and did really well for his yard. So we grabbed a bag of that and I have to say, the grass looks a thousand times better already. There is also a fall weed and feed that Scott's has, so we will put down later in the fall too. This was the third time we fertilized and was by far the best stuff. The rye grass RH puts down is now sprouting its rye, so icky!

Will post after RH comes out. Am hoping there is no push back from them. One tiny nudge and I've got my boxing gloves ready!


  1. I hope they make things easy for you! Their resistant to fixing problems can be beyond frustrating!

    Gkad your lawn is looking good! We're getting sod and I'm terrified! It sounds like it's incredibly difficult to keep alive and healthy .. Water bills should be nice and hefty the first couple months!

  2. I'm about to find out how fast they will fix things. Had my 30 day walk thru and painters are scheduled to come out next friday to do some touch ups...Still waiting on other stuff to be addressed.