Sunday, February 23, 2014

What, we built a 2 story house?!

Kidding, kidding- of course we built a 2 story, it's a Florence! Went back out today to see some progress and we were SHOCKED!! After I put up the post on Friday, our PM texted a pic literally minutes later of a bit of the 2nd story on- not much though. However today we pulled up to the entire 2nd floor framed (minus the roof), the entire house wrapped and the windows were installed!! So I'll let the pics speak for themselves....
From the front right corner- and the grading looks nice too!
From the front left corner
Front again
Back right looking at the morning room- it is wrapped over where the slider will go
Right side of the house
Front left- you can see the morning room poking out in the back with the extra windows on the side! LOVE!
From the garage looking into the kitchen and morning room. You can see where they are starting to build the counters! Can't wait for that gourmet island!
From the garage looking at the stairs going up and into the front "sitting room"

We were good kids, it was tempting to walk inside and look around but we didn't. There was so much mud- Nick made it to the one side for the pics but to go in the back would have been a mud bath. You could see into the basement- still filled with some snow. PM's plan is to roof by Tuesday! Which is GREAT timing since another snow storm is moving through Wed- but word now is not a horrible one. Some showers with a little snow tonight, but nothing that should stop work tomorrow. I seriously want to hug people, I don't know who and they probably wouldn't appreciate it, but I want to hug someone! This is so exciting! Pending schedules- will try to make a trip out this week but if not, then next weekend. The only downside of this is living so far away now, I wish I could see it daily, but it is what it is.....


  1. Looking good. Fantastic progress. Hope they break ground on ours next week.

  2. Yes very exciting progress! Can't wait for our groundbreaking too.

  3. Wow!! They are moving quickly now! It looks good. I can 'read' your smile from ear to ear :) I know the feeling of wanting to go to the house everyday to see progress, but can' really sucks to not live so close.