Monday, February 10, 2014


We spoke to the PM on Friday and to much surprise, they were able to finish the waterproofing. Our area had a horrible ice storm, so once again, I have to say I was shocked to hear much of anything was done! He wanted to back fill but the inspector could not come out on Friday because their offices were without power. So off to the lot we go! A few pics....
 View from the front right of the lot.
 View from the back looking into what will be the basement walkout slider.
And steal beams! How exciting! Plus some nifty construction equipment.
And our wood! Wooo Hooo! It looks awfully cold though!

As you can see from the pics, man, we can't catch a break with the weather. They are hoping to back fill then start some framing this week. But, as mother nature does, another storm is coming Wednesday night through Thursday. Calling for a Nor'easter. But hey, 4 days of no Nor'easter may mean progress. Let's hope for no ice with this storm- it just destroyed the Philly area. There was even a power outage here.

And we were able to schedule the walk through with Guardian for the 20th. Now lets hope we can stay on schedule for this!

Until next weekend :)

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