Monday, February 17, 2014

Is that sunshine I see outside?!

Not too much to update. We went out on Saturday to take a peek after the PM let us know that back fill and grading was completed- but no go on beginning to frame. The area got about 20 inches with Thursdays storm. Under 20 inches of snow, the grading looks great, haha! Seriously, there was so much snow the only pics my husband could get was holding his iPhone over his head to get over the ridiculous mound of snow on the sides of the street. You could barely see the basement walls poking through. But they did deliver the windows and exterior doors! So it's literally all sitting there waiting to be pieced together. And hey, maybe Mother Nature heard my plea (along with a few tears and insistent begging)- appears the weather is going to behave this week! Our guardian meeting is suppose to be pushed back, but no word from Gaurdian Debbie about this yet. You never know- they could get in there and kick butt and still make it happen. I tried convincing my husband we should drive out tonight after work to look, but he just smiled (smart man!). So until this weekend or maybe even Gaurdian appt Thursday!

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