Friday, February 21, 2014


We received a text from our PM on Wed that they laid the first floor. So yesterday we ended up with a few hours free and took a drive out. I was so nervous to turn the corner! But when we did, I think both Nick and I gasped! The first floor is framed and the guys were working away putting the joists up for the 2nd floor as we were leaving. We also received our date for the pre-drywall walk through! On March 5th at 2pm and Guardian will follow directly after. I was hoping the pre-drywall walk through would already have the Guardian stuff in, but we can go back out to double check it, no big deal. Our PM said the storms may slow em down today, but since they weren't too bad, we are gonna head back out this weekend too! Our PM was great and at minutes notice met us on the lot and spent 15 minutes with us too. He set up a propane heater in the basement to help warm it up and also put protection down in the garage floor- so concrete should be soon! His plan is roofing by Tuesday- let's hope mother nature agrees. I have pics on my cell phone of a view with the morning room, it just looks so pretty- but will get some more with the camera this weekend.

When we met our neighbor on the last trip out, he told us this is when it starts to fly and he wasn't kidding! Still just amazed to see the skeleton of the first floor in after only a day. Really exciting and very pleased with the progress! Til this weekend!


  1. FINALLY!!! Isnt it just an awesome site to see? Oh, I remember what I forgot to tell you the other day too, when you do the walkthru look at the placement of switches and how they will "sit" on the wall. Also look at the plugs and cable hookups that they are placed well together. Also doorbell placement, they put that in stupid places!!
    And are you getting a fireplace? We moved our switch to another wall instead of NEXT to the fireplace.

  2. Great advice for looking at all those specifics- added to the list! Thanks DW!